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Friday, April 30, 2010

"Read to Succeed" Martathon

We have started a "Read to Succeed" Marathon that will continue the next few weeks. Each book your child reads in your or other adult's presence, a coupon slip should be filled out and signed and brought to school for credit. For each coupon, your child will receive a sticker in his/her chart. When the chart is filled, a prize will be awarded.

Reading Rules

* Books have to be at least a level 3 or higher
* Must read in an adult's presence
* Must tell an adult when a book has been completed

* Parent/Other adult should ask questions about book to ensure that the child read it thoroughly
* If you suspect your child read it too fast or just skimmed the pages, have him/her read it again
* The child should be able to tell what happened in the story

Thank-you for your participation and encouraging your child to
"Read to Succeed"

Smart Start Christian Academy Stars!